Steel is real!

You’ve probably realized by now that Wheelfine Imports is not you’re “run-of-the-mill”, “cookie-cutter” bike shop. Our customers have come to expect something different. A higher standard of bikes made by hand in Italy. A big part of that is offering unique products that you’re just not going to find at too many other shops in the United States.

Classic steel frames, hand-built by the best Italian makers are a mainstay of our product offering. Crafted with the state-of-the-art, ever-evolving tubing technology and built up with the latest and greatest Italian components, these bikes are for those who want the legendary ride quality of lugged steel with the conveniences of modern technology.

Often we recommend a build kit featuring Campagnolo’s silver groupset (formerly Athena, now Potenza, but we do have some silver Athena left).  The mainstays of our steel collection are Tommasini and Cinelli, but we also have steel frames available from Olmo, Carrera, and more; one of the largest collection of lugged steel frames anywhere!

Maybe you remember the quality you grew up with or maybe you’re looking for something unique; either way, Wheelfine Imports has the passion, understanding, and experience to fit you on a beautiful modern classic!

A selection of steel bikes and frames we have in stock can be found on our Road Bike and NOS pages.



    MON 10-6

    TUE 10-6

    WED 10-5

    THU 10-6

    FRI 10-7

    SAT 10-5