Beyond your standard start-of-season tune-ups and overhauls,  highly experienced owner Michael Johnson is an expert wrench.  We pride ourselves on our abilities and willingness to research and repair just about anything. Whether it’s authentic Campagnolo parts from the 8-foot-tall small parts cabinet or just something from the big ol’ can of washers; whether it’s a new carbon gruppo or just a part from our rear derailleur graveyard, Wheelfine Imports probably stocks whatever we might need to get you rolling smoothly again.

Unparalleled Experience

Wheelfine Imports is a full service shop like few others.

Wheelfine Imports is a certified Campagnolo Pro-Shop. As the old advert said, “Campagnolo Spoken Here” and that’s an understatement. We also have special training from Campagnolo specializing in their EPS electronic drivetrains. Whether it’s just servicing your Campagnolo-equipped bike or building an entirely new machine from frame up, you’re in no better hands than ours.

Perhaps the most unique thing, and certainly the reason behind the name Wheelfine is Michael’s wheel-smith abilities. Shops that can design new and rebuild old wheels, especially of such quality, are few and far between. There is nothing quite like a set of hand-laced custom wheels designed around your bike and most importantly you, the rider! Wheelfine Imports is a DT Swiss Certified Wheel Builder and Michael’s wheels have been ridden and revered by World Champions and Weekend Warriors alike.

Wheelfine Imports is also capable of frame repair and small brazing. If it needs fixing, we will use our creativity and skill to come up with a brilliant solution. Retrofitting and customization is an art not unknown at Wheelfine.

In the off season, you can make a reservation for our painting services (yes, we even have a paint booth and bead blaster in here). Michael has painted, repaired, and restored everything from old Schwinns, beautifully lugged Colnagos, modern carbon frames and everything in between.

Above: a custom Pegoretti build has just begun.



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