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what our customers say about us...

In my experience, one of the nicest things about Wheelfine Imports is the fact that Wheelfine Imports IS Michael Johnson. His skill, experience and talents are superior to those of anyone else I’ve met in the cycling retail business. I’ve been a client of his for long enough to have learned that I would never think of buying from (or having my maintenance done by) anyone else.

If you love cycling, just entering his shop is alluring. Some of the finest bikes in the sport are there – not just top American brands but classic European ones as well. Even if you just want to browse, the collection is so special that it’s a virtual art museum.

Aside from his inventory, I know from firsthand experience that Michael can be helpful to cyclists at any level. Most of us simply want to have a fun and reliable bike to ride on weekends. But the more you come to enjoy riding, the more you’ll find there’s something else you’ll want or “need” (shoes, jerseys, accessories, you name it). If you get your bike via Wheelfine, I’ve discovered that you get a sort of two-for-one deal. Not just the bike itself, but a reliable long term relationship with a single owner/operator who can answer any question and solve virtually any maintenance problem. I’ve thrown some good ones at him, trust me.

A personal testimony… Michael’s dealt with me from the days when I was riding simply for recreation, to those when I’d just started to ride competitively, through five consecutive years as a New Jersey USA Cycling state champion. Having reached the age when I’ve retired from racing, I’m now back to where I started – riding and enjoying cycling simply for the joy of it. And I’m still learning from him.

If you do nothing else, stop by Wheelfine Imports and enjoy looking around his unique shop and inventory. I promise you, Michael will be there. And once you begin to look around, you won’t leave as quickly as you had planned to.

Richard Burkholder

There are bike shops … and then there is Wheelfine.  For those looking for distinctive bikes backed by great service, this is the place — heck, maybe the only place to go.  Michael is the last of the “real bike shop” owners — candid, smart, honest.  And if he tries to talk you into a handmade Italian steel bike with Campy parts:  listen to him.  I just bought such a bike and it is a dream to ride.

John Ball


I came into Wheelfine after going to all the local shops looking for something different, but always coming up empty handed. Michael noticed that my current frame didn't fit me quite right, so he took me outside for some measurements. He did all the measuring while I balanced on the bench in front of the shop, no fancy machines needed. He showed me some frames he had in stock and I was sold when he pulled out a beautiful Tommasini Tecno. Of course Michael said we would put a full Campagnolo groupset on it with Deda accessories. He also built me up a nice set of Miche hubs with Campagnolo rims; they are straight as an arrow.The bike rides like a dream and could not fit me any better; I can ride this bike for hours on end. Michael is an amazing mechanic and a true professional, I could not be any happier and will be sporting my awesome Wheelfine jersey on all my group rides!

Andrew Huth

Part store, part museum, Wheelfine Imports is for people who appreciate-maybe even fetishize- bicycles as a form of art, and who have a lot of time to spend inside. Because, when Michael senses that you're taken in by it all, he'll start talking, and you'll want to listen.

Our Lady of Perpetual Headwinds,

Hill Slug Chronicles blog

I've been going to Wheelfine for about a dozen years.  Michael Johnson has sold me a road bike, bike clothing and provided some excellent guidance and advice.  He's also a wonderful mechanic and a delightful human being.

Michael Heffler

Just had my first ride on my road bike after being tuned and really restored after a couple years of neglect. I told him to do whatever he thought was needed. The bike Michael returned to me was a completely different machine! Not only did it look great, but everything was dialed in perfectly: wheels, derailleurs, brakes, with amazing new tires that changed the bike's behavior radically for the better. If you want the best - go see Michael Johnson at Wheelfine Imports!

Larry McConkley