Since 1983, Wheelfine Imports Pro Bike Shop has served the needs of discerning cyclists on the East Coast and beyond. Situated in bucolic Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Wheelfine Imports is surrounded by rolling hills, historic farms and quaint towns, yet conveniently nestled directly between New York City and Philadelphia. It’s a cyclist’s paradise!

Owner Michael Johnson founded his European-inspired bike shop in 1983 after spending years working for frame builder Jim Redcay, one of the early greats of modern American frame building. It was with Redcay that he honed his skills not only as a mechanic and wheel-smith, but also brazer and painter.

In the mid-1980s Michael was commissioned to build wheels for the US Olympic and Worlds track cycling teams. In addition, in 1980 Australian Danny Clark won gold in the Keirin at track Worlds on a pair of Michael’s wheels, earning Michael the Arc en Ciel (World Champion’s rainbow bands) he has painted on the building.  From then on, his reputation for stocking only the best quality products, his expert mechanical and wheel-building skills, and his general cycling knowledge became known throughout the cycling community.

Today, Wheelfine Imports is one of the few holdouts in the bike industry not being strong-armed by the Big 5 companies who want to see cloned dealership-like flagship stores and like-branded products everywhere, with no interest in the art of building a bicycle from the frame up especially for a client. 

Wheelfine Imports is a shop like few others. We work on everything; we research everything! It is a true bike shop in every sense of the term. That’s even how Michael answers the phone! “Bike shop!”




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